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Welcome to our latest knitting magazine, where we weave together inspiration, technique, and creativity in preparation for spring and summer knitting.

Our feature article, "Knit Together - Measuring Tension," emphasizes the importance of managing tension in knitting projects. Learn the art of swatching and explore complimentary patterns for a perfect fit every time.

Our guide on "How to Adapt a Knitting Pattern for a Different Yarn" is a trusted companion for adventurous knitters. Dive into crafting knitted tees with Cristina Simionovici’s expert guidance on creating back and front pieces with seamless stripes.

Achieve a polished look with the “3 Needle Bind Off + Mattress Stitch” technique, perfect for knitted tees. Sock enthusiasts can join "The Perfect Heel Quest," exploring various styles from classic flaps to innovative techniques.

As temperatures rise, indulge in "Hot Fun in the Summertime with Cool Cotton." Discover the wonders of Cotton Supreme Speckles and French knitting with DK and create a breezy sun hat and matching tote for the ultimate summer ensemble.

For a touch of bohemian flair, immerse yourself in weaving a cover-up, the versatile Ruana, seamlessly transitioning from beach to brunch.

Celebrate the upcoming warmer seasons with these exciting projects and articles. Let your creativity flourish, and may your needles dance with joy!

Happy Knitting!